Institute of Engineering (IOE), Pulchowk campus is the government owned engineering campus running under the affiliation of Tribhuvan University. Though being a leading engineering campus of Nepal, the management information system of Pulchowk campus is not efficient in relative to other similar major institutes around the world. Taking this factor into account, we, a group of 4 students of 064 BCT group are building an efficient management information system (MIS), for the department of electronics and computer engineering of Pulchowk campus with the permission of department. The development of the MIS is completely on the basis of the requirements of the department of Electronics and computer engineering. We are consulting Mr. Mukesh Keshari, CIT Network Administrator who will help us by providing the requirement of department and developing the MIS for the Department. The Project till developed is at the mid phase. After the project is fully developed it will be implemented as the newer version of the current web site of the department, www.doece.ioe.com.np . With the successful implementation of the project all the students and staffs of Electronics and Computer Engineering faculty will be benefited and there will be proper sharing of the resources.

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