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4 years, 7 months ago

In this fast spinning 21st century world, a split second can turn things around. An ailing patient can get proper treatment and relief if timely diagnosis can be done. In the crowded and improperly managed hospitals of Nepal, this is more of an issue. Poor communication and untimely distribution of medicines is a major pitfall. But what if we could build a robot that could autonomously deliver medicines to a particular room at a click of a button? Just imagine.


With the aim of assisting the patients and providing medicines on time, we have come up with a project entitled "Medical Rover". Using the simple principle of line following, a robot can be "taught", or in computing terms, programmed, to follow a specific route to a specific patient's room. And all this, can be controlled and monitored through a computer. In the current prototype stage of this robot, a Python App installed on a computer acts as a "software remote control" for the robot. Being a computer app, we can receive feedback on the delivery status and send commands to return to the base(control room). An Arduino board on the robot receives commands via RF modules and execution of the tasks take place.


This concept is not only limited to medicine delivery, but can also be implemented on wheel-chairs that makes it much easier for physically impaired patients to move around the hospital. Since the algorithm is based on the simplest principle of robotics, i.e. line-following, the probability of the system to crash or become unresponsive is close to zero, and at the same time, a PID routine that runs on the micro-controller guarantees smooth and error-free tracking of the line.


In this way, with a gentle touch of electronics and communication, many lives can be saved and at the same time, the standard of the hospital or clinic or any place where this technology can be implemented, will increase drastically. We believe that a little robot with the name "Medical Rover" will be buzzing around hospitals in the days to come.

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