The project ‘LAN-Krios’ is P2P file sharing and transfer application in LAN network. It implements P2P technology instead of server-client model for efficient and fast files sharing and transfer. In this project P2P technology is met using JXTA technology. ‘LAN-Krios’ provides features for scanning, searching, sharing and transferring any files into the network. Using the program a user can search the required shared file in the network.

The files shared in network can be categorized into their respective types like audio, video, images, software, documents which will result to efficient browsing. Locating and sharing any files in the computer is easy by this program. ‘LAN-Krios’ has inbuilt media player. It is used to listen and view the audio and video files shared in network. No separate player is needed so far. Another important feature of this program is P2P messenger. It will allow many users in the network using this program to chat with each other. The objective behind this is to communicate in LAN using no internet. It provides a separate messenger. ‘LAN-Krios’ is dedicated to easy and fast file sharing and transfer in LAN network using P2P technology. Efficient searching and locating files is also the objective of the project.

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