“Java Media Player” is a project, which is of great use at the present. The main goal of this project is to perform various tasks, which can be done on media. “Java Media Player” specially focuses on playing different types of audio and video format. Capturing audio and video data and saving it to a file is done with the help of “Java Media Player”. We can transfer and receive real time media, which makes this project valuable for the purpose such as distant education with the enhancement of this project. Similarly changing the format of the file is another purpose of this project. “Java Media Player” is currently focused on changing the file from WAV file format to MP3 file format that can be extended to change the file format from one format to the different formats. For the completion of this project we use the API called Java Media Framework. It is a good API, which is used to perform the tasks, related with the media. We have used Windows as the platform for the completion of this project. Different class and package of Java Media Framework are used to achieve the task. Different types of the Manager are present in Java Media Frame work, which have different functions to perform with.

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