An environment data monitoring system for parameters such as temperature, which is capable of gathering data from varied sensors and reporting them to an end user by the means of a web page. This web page can be accessed on a standard web browser anywhere.

To minimize the data loss and establish the credibility of the data, a widely used communication protocol namely MODBUS has been used. The protocol has framing, error checking and multiple functions codes which can be employed in communicating the data between the data logger and the sensory unit.

Components used:

1. Microcontroller (Atmega 8L), 2. Temperature sensor (LM35) , 3. MAX 232 , 4. MAX 485 , 5. RJ45 port , 6. Registers , 7. Capacitors , 8. Regulator ICs LM7805 , 9. DB-9 Connector, 10. Wires , 11. LEDs , 12. Oscillator

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Industry Standard Data Acquisition and Distribution System's Screenshot


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