In the world of programming languages the new programming techniques of visual programming is gaining priority day by day due to their efficiency over procedural techniques of programming. The course ‘Minor Project’ is aimed with giving us the knowledge of current trend visual programming and implement it in the project work. Java and its counter parts are proving to be the good programming language for the fulfillment of the project’s basic objectives and its extensions so the same language has been used as the core language for this project. Different APIs provided by Java has been used to accomplish the project. Whiteboard is an interactive computer application within a LAN (Local Area Network) that provides an interactive screen for two or more people to be connected through a common server via a network. We as far as possible have tried to make sure that two or more people working with this application connected to the same server feel like working on the same screen. Change in one of the screen connected to the network is automatically detected by other screens connected to the network. Along with this feature, it can also be used as a standalone application to draw simple 2D graphics and write text. The users can then save the completed work for future use and later load that and continue their incomplete works. 2D APIs have made the drawing of the objects in the whiteboard screen. And the connection between the server and the clients have been accomplished with the APIs of RMI(Remote Method Invocation) .Other APIs of Java SE have been utilized to apply the concept in this project.

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