This project is a web based application for Blood banks, entirely focused on facilitating the entire citizens. The goal of this project was to build a website that provides people one independent platform where one can track all the blood donors. This project provides complete information including the donor, donation, blood bank, and organizer, programs, pending programs and pending programs as well. With the practical records filed at the central blood bank, each day hundreds of operations are conducted , in which the requirement of the blood varies from 2pt ( for minor operations ) to 8 pts ( for major operations). The demand of this blood is very high as compared with the number of blood donors. In Nepal, up to date, there are around 50,000 regular donors through out the year and even the blood donors are increasing day by day but this is less as compared the increasing demand of the blood. This project is done as one effort for helping the people to find the real blood donors so that they could get the blood as soon as possible. Our real target here is to search a suitable donor with the nearest distance. As well as this will help for the donors to track their information regarding number of donations ,the bank, programs, organizers they are associated with . One can have the on line registration for the blood donation at the particular location. One can estimate the blood available at the particular bank.

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