Hard printing is not as common to the general population as Paper based printing. The prospect of printing in a physical surface is so far–fetched and complicated to the mind of people.  Taking this to advantage, the businesses charge large sum of money to the customer demanding hard printing. The previous devices were complex PhotoPlotters that used high power motors and drivers. Our incentive was to provide a low cost and high quality alternative to this problem. Consequently, we applied our idea of a Digital Sketcher.


Our group has created a Digital sketcher that has the capability of extracting the input image and transferring it to any printable physical substrate. The Digital Sketcher works with two stepper motors and an Arduino Uno MicroController Module for controlling the motors. It uses Gerber file for proper representation of Image. The decoding of Image is done by Computer Program. The program has an additional Capability to Convert the decoded image to a CSV file, for further use.

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