Most of the Micro Hydro Power (MHP) plants use Electronic Load Controller (ELC) for speed control. Various types of ELC have been developed so far. A dummy ballast load is connected across each phase of generator terminals and ELC controls the power consumed by the ballast load to result constant speed operation.

The ELC developed so far uses thyristor switches in each phase to control ballast load power. The ELC senses the system frequency and comparing it with reference frequency, it generates a common value of firing angle for all three phase. The performance of such ELC is not perfect for unbalanced consumers load causing overloading of generator.

This paper presents an advanced type of ELC which senses frequency as well as consumer’s load currents of each phase and fires the thyristor pairs with different value of firing angles for different phases. This solves the problem of overloading of the generator with unbalanced consumer’s load.

Simulink model is developed to perform transient analysis of the proposed scheme and the simulation results are presented. The protoype hardware has also been fabricated and results are shown.

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Design And Fabrication Of Advance Electronic Load Controller For Micro Hydropower Plant's Screenshot

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