There are millions and millions of pages of information floating in this www world, but arranging them in the way the user requires them is a difficult task. So in this project "Computer Bazzar" we have tried to arrange the information about the computer components and accessories available in the Nepali market. So it can be a boon to the users who are interested in buying or collecting the information about computers and its accessories available in Nepali market. In this rapid moving world time is of the essence. People are engaged in so many activities that they are short of time and energy to carry out any other tasks such as shopping. If someone were to buy a new computer they would have to go to the market and search all the shops. Due to the technological advancements, Pcs and internet are accessible to almost all the people. Thus it would be beneficial and make sense to have the facility of online shopping. It provides a platform where people can shop at any time of day from the convenience of their own home. This project is a working prototype of e-commerce web application for the sales and listing of computer components and computer parts. This application can maintain a database of all the products in a database and also the login details of users. And can also provide a platform where sales as well as marketing of computer components can be done in an easy and efficient manner.

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