Today’s world is being attracted and totally influenced by web based applications. Hence taking this in mind, we have developed a project on Database Management System to practical implement the database system to our real life. Hence this project named ‘College ERP’ is resource management software for Colleges Universities with objectives of Absolute control on college processes through 100 % automation. ‘College ERP’ provides certain salient features like E-enabling to facilitate information access for Students, Teachers and Management, 24X7 availability, Personalized Services for Students,Teachers and Management, Improved Communication and much more. In this project, we have basically covered the major resource planning of college i.e. Human Resource Planning like students, teachers and management. ‘College ERP’ can be broadly divide into three sections viz. Management, Teachers and Student parts and under this sections depending upon the user we have provided different functionality for efficient college processing. Administrator related to management section is the major person who can handle the entire database and make any modifications if he feels it is to be modified. His task is to approve or reject the user account as per the profile posted .Administrator also controls major part of college activities like articles, projects, time table, academic calendar, exam schedule, subject syllabus and others. In order to perform paperless transaction of different academic college activities between teachers and student, this software can be milestone. This project Maintains common platform for Student, Teachers and Management.

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