Computer Graphics is one of the powerful tools for the rapid and economical production of pictures. It remains one of the most exciting and rapidly growing computer fields. Actually it is the field related to generation of graphics using computers. It includes the creation, storage and manipulation of images of object. The objects that are to be manipulated by Computer Graphics come from diverse fields viz physical, mathematical, engineering, architectural, abstract structures and natural phenomenon. There is the vast field related to Computer Graphics. Some of the applications of Computer Graphics are as follows:- Design of engineering and Architectural System; Presentation Graphics, to produce illustrations for reports or to generate slides or transparencies for use with projectors; Computer Art, artists use computer graphics such as paintbrush; Entertainment , used in making motion pictures, music videos and other shows ; Education and Training, computer-generated models of physical, financial, and economics system are often used as educational aids ; Visualization. Our project is also related to the applications of Computer Graphics. We have made an attempt to represent the basic interface of a game named BLOXORZ using Computer Graphics. The basic concept of the project is to work on hidden surfaces, data entries, and rotation of the object.

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