This project of its title "BAGHCHAL (two player)" is a two player game which is Nepali ancient and popular board game. In this project two player can play the game where one should be goat and another should be Tiger. First of all the player as goat place the goat on the board one by one as tiger should not kill the goat. The player as tiger move the tiger in the board and try to kill the goat by jump over the goat. If tiger kill 6 goat the the tiger win the game and if there is no extra valid move for the tiger then goat win the game.

This game is very intersting to play. In this project we didn't use the high graphics but use the c graphics and the core code was done in the Turbo c++. As this project didn'n look so cozy we just think about the logic in this project insted of look.

Thank you.

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